Ukrainian Dance Costumes by Paul


Good quality, vibrant and colourful Ukrainian dance costumes are an essential compliment to a dancers performance on stage. Work with knowledgeable individuals to create a customized Ukrainian dance costume to suit your groups needs and budget. Traditional Ukrainian dance costumes representing all regions of Ukraine are available. Contemporary Ukrainian dance costumes are also available. A wide variety of Ukrainian dance costumes are at your finger tips through Costumes by Paul. We also offer Ukrainian dance boots and other footwear.

Ukrainian Dance World


Ukrainian Dance World is a project aimed at bringing together the Ukrainian dance community from around the world. Our goal is to connect all those who love Ukrainian dance. Whether you are a dancer, instructor, choreographer, parent, organizer or someone who just loves Ukrainian dance – this community is for you! We aim to create a place to share ideas, network and promote each other.ace for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Cobblestone Freeway



Cobblestone Freeway Culture & Adventure Tours is an Edmonton-based tour operator specializing in tours to Ukraine. Started in 2011 by travel-enthusiast Vincent Rees, we offer exceptional, culture-rich adventures that leave our travellers with memories to last a lifetime. By specializing in Ukraine, we can offer unique, cultural, fun and affordable tours to suit a variety of interests.

Twenty in a Row Productions


Owned and operated by Murray Howell, Twenty in a Row Productions produces dance and video across Western Canada.



Adajio Dance & Skate Apparel


Adajio Dance & Skate Apparel has been a supporter of UDIC since the very first conference. Adajio carries a huge assortmemt of dancewear and carries many specialized Ukrainian items.


Address: 15379 Castle Downs Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 3Y7

Phone:(780) 457-0006

Arisen Armory

Welcome to Arisen Armory, where I make anything leather from small stock items to costume armor. Currently I am making designs for armor on full grown cats and looks super awesome.


The Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association (AUDA) was founded in 1983 as a registered non-profit society comprised of an elected administrative board of directors. Membership is province-wide and open to Alberta Ukrainian dance groups and individuals interested in furthering the aims and objectives of AUDA.